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About us

The Australian Trade & Logistics Corporation (ATLC) has been established to support companies of all sizes and experience (importers, exporters, distributors, etc.) navigate and adapt to the fast-paced supply chain needs and customer expectations of global business in the rapidly emerging information age.Our range of services and programs are designed to provide a truly ‘holistic’ approach to global trade and end-to-end supply chains, where every aspect of doing business internationally is specifically addressed for our members.

  • Market selection (sourcing, exporting)
  • Market entry strategies (customer profiling and sales channels)
  • International marketing strategies
  • Overseas partner selection (suppliers, buyers, distributers, etc.)
  • Quality control and certifications
  • Ethical and sustainable supply chain management
  • Trade payments and cash flow optimisation
  • Upstream value-added-services
  • Freight and logistics optimisation
  • Technology in supply chain (data capturing, industry 4.0, predictive analytics, etc.)
  • Duties, taxes and free trade agreements
  • Inventory management and optimisation
  • Warehouse design, location mapping and optimisation
  • Labour planning and resource management
  • Transport management and network design
  • E-commerce, omni-channel and last mile fulfilment
  • Returns processing
  • Landed cost analysis
  • Disruptive supply chains as a point of difference to consumers
  • Cost-to-serve analysis

We bring together the very latest of global trade and supply chain information, techniques and innovations all in one single resource and advisory corporation.