Connecting the International Trade & Logistics Community

The Australian Trade & Logistics Corporation (ATLC) organizes industry, networking, and training events as well as international trade delegations and market entry solutions to support importers, exporters, and related product/service providers in growing their business.

Our Mission

We bring together Australian importers, exporters, logistics, international trade and supply chain professionals to create a unique and collaborative community to help everyone succeed for the future.

What We Do

Industry Events and Training

We offer a variety of fun and educational industry events, training workshops, and information sessions. These events are often conducted in partnership with specific sectors or agencies, providing insights into new and exciting opportunities in global trade.

Bi-lateral Trade and Investment Initiatives

We collaborates with numerous overseas trade agencies and Consulates to promote bi-lateral trade and investment between Australia and other global markets. Our initiatives aim to connect buyers, sellers, and investment partners, fostering strong international relationships.

Customized Consulting Services

Our team of expert advisors delivers customized consulting services to meet the unique needs of individual organizations. We also support collaborative programs for industry associations and regional bodies, ensuring comprehensive and effective solutions for all our clients.

Get to know our Founder

Lawrence has 25+ years’ experience across almost every aspect of international trade and supply chain covering a diverse range of industry sectors and global markets.He has proven expertise in building innovative logistics and market entry solutions through innovative distribution modelling, fulfilment strategies and strategic stakeholder partnerships.

Lawrence Christoffelsz

Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business, new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you.